My pregnancy photo shoot

June 24, 2010

Well folks, the third time’s a charm!  Last weekend my husband took some pregnancy pictures of me (with the kids) in the studio.  Now to give you some history, the first pregnancy shoot he did went terribly wrong.  Even though I put a full-length mirror behind him, set up the shot, and gave him specific instructions to make sure I was covering myself in all the right places. . . well, he didn’t, and I wasn’t.  This was in the ancient days of film, so I didn’t know I had been exposed until well after everyone who worked at my lab (and knew me so well they recognized my voice on the phone – we’re not talking anonymous CVS photo lab people).  Obviously, I changed labs after that.

The second pregnancy shoot was less traumatic, since I decided to go with the more traditional white button down look.  My son was only 17 months old when we did it, and the only way I could get him to come anywhere near my belly was to stick a goldfish in my bellybutton.  The camera was on the wrong settings, so the first several shots (which I’m still convinced were the perfect ones!) didn’t work.

On to the most recent.  Two kids, a husband with more photo experience, candy bribes in place, and we got it!


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